For English speakers…

For foreign people who want to follow us (thanks !) : Damien did as an English exercise a sum-up in English of our first month of travel. It can be found here

Kitou & Rémi
4 commentaires

4 Commentaires

Marina LORCY dit :

Wahouuu amazing trip so far !!!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us…in English 🙂 We’ll read your article in class on Tuesday or maybe on Friday ! You’re probably still in Turkey… Pamukkale looks beautiful, did you have a bath there ? I’m not sure it is still allowed to do this nowadays. Tomorrow is supposed to be a very hot day in Lavaur, Summer time is coming 🙂 Enjoy your trip and take care. See you! Mrs LORCY

Damien dit :

Nice, thank you ! We didn’t have a “real” bath because it’s really crowded : just the legs, but it’s allowed to bath !

Erwan dit :

Hello Damien, yours legs don’t hurts too much ? I hope you’re doing a good travel. I love your pictures of Dubrovnik and i’m going to recommand Croatia to my parents because it looks so beautiful.

Damien dit :

Hello ! They do ! Today the stage was long of 110km so it hurts a little… Yes Croatia is a nice country. I especially liked the Ston island which was very beautiful with the mountains and the sea.

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