Konya, repos

Quelques photos de notre promenade en ville du jour. Ville très agréable, propre, aérée, verte, diverse et harmonieuse. Les femmes en tenue d’été côtoient celles en voile intégral sans que cela semble poser de problème.

Kitou & Rémi
16 commentaires

16 Commentaires

Maxime et Emma dit :

Hello Damien, I hope everything is going well for you and your family on this long trip. I would like to know a few things about Greece. Everyone says it’s beautiful, but is it true? I thought it would be nice to go there, but I’m not sure what there is to visit. Apart from that, on our side everything is going well, the average class went down without you;). I wish you an excellent end of the trip.

Damien dit :

Hello, thanks for the comment! Yes, Greece is really a beautiful country. You can visit antic sites such as Delphi, Athens (…), there is also meteoras that are beautiful. If you go to a Greek island, you can enjoy sea and mountains at the same time !

Clément S, Raphaël M and Malo dit :

Hello Damien,
It’s mandatory we don’t want to do that but the teacher said to do it. I hope your are happy !!!
Did you fall during your trip ?
Good luck for your trip
Goodbye !!!

Pierre, Mathieu.B, Elyne and Caroline dit :

Hello Damien,
How are you ?
Pierre, Mathieu, Elyne and Caroline hope of your trip is good and you enjoy it.
You are progresing very rapidly, don’t give up !
You are the best cyclist of the world !
See you soon…

Damien dit :

Hello, I’m fine but the legs hurt a little ! Thank you ! But I think some like Alaphilippe are better than me 😅, but I’m enjoying cycling as a sport and travel mean too !

Ambre dit :

Hello! I am following your trip on this blog! It’s great! I love it! Either the one in French than this one. The photos are beautiful! Who took them anyway. I have the same picture of Greece but I flew there. I really liked the food there! And you? What did you think about it? Good luck with all those miles on the bike (otherwise buy a pillow) Photos of Turkey areb amazing too! I’m jealous of the landscape but not the effort you had to do. lol
Kisses to the whole family! 🙂
Enjoy the trip!
PS: I look forward to the rest

Damien dit :

Hi ! Thanks for following us ! Almost all time it’s my father who takes the pictures.
Yes food in Greece is very nice (gyros, moussaka…). Now we are in Turkey we miss Greek yogurt !
Thanks again, see you !

Manon galaup, Lola maneville, Elody munoz, Vincent jardin dit :

Hi Steph, i love your sunglasses. I hope your trip is going well, do you enjoy it ? Do you eat the typical dishes?
In Greece, which islands did you visit ? In class, we have bad grades, we need help PLEASE !!!
PS= Vincent loves you

Damien dit :

Hi ! Thanks!
The trip is going very well and I’m enjoying nice landscapes, monuments…
I ate typical dishes such as in Turkey kebap (which is not he same as in France : it’s grilled meat in a bread), gozleme (crepes with meat or cheese), kavhalti (Turkish breakfast), and food cooked by local people we met. In Turkey almost all people drink tea at almost every hour of the day (tea is better than in France).
Courage, it’s the end of the year soon !

La kleek de bgggggg dit :

Hi Damien ! We see you are feeling good since the start of your trip ! The pictures that you took are very beautiful and impressive ! We hope that the rest of your travel will be great ! I wouldn’t want to be your legs right now… so, like it and enjoy 😀

Chanelle, Carla, Eléis, Kiara =) dit :

Hello! How are you???
Which country did you prefer to visit???
How did you take the long distance pictures of the 4 of you??? ( not selfies)
Is it hard to cycle all day long??? We hope you have a good experience!!!
good by and enjoy your trip!!! =)

Damien dit :

Hello, I’m fine, and you ???
I’m realy enjoying Turkey, because people are very nice and landscapes are beautiful!
To do that we put the camera on the side of the road, and we have a tool to take a photo every second.
It’s not “hard”, but the legs are hurting!
Teşekkür ederim, gürüşüruz!

fan club damien dit :

This message is for Dada
We hope your trip goes well. I hope you don’t get hit by your brother Apparently the weather is nice because you look than.
Here we have too much fun but we still want to shoot ourselves from time to time.
Have you ever had mechanical problems and met boar ?
Keep going

Noar, Matt, Augustine and SImone

Damien dit :

This message is for Noar, Matt, Augustine and Simone.
My brother is not violent with me for the moment!
Oh, you noticed my cyclist sun taning!
Don’t shoot you bros it’s bad for health.
We just had one little mechanical problem at the start, a bag was leaving me (a screw missing…)!
We didn’t meet boars but many dogs in Greece were running after us. But now in Turkey we don’t have any problems with dogs.
See you !

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